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CoDA Literature Description
  • CoDA Meeting Starter Packet – CoDA program information & general information to start a CoDA meeting.
  • CoDA Fellowship Service Manual - Guidelines for all levels of service from the home group to CoDA Service Conference.
  • Attending Meetings - Explains how CoDA meetings work and how to participate. (Pamphlet)
  • Sponsorship in CoDA - An overview of the principles of sponsorship. (Pamphlet)
  • Communication & Recovery - A look at old patterns of communication & how healthier communication can be learned. (Pamphlet)
  • Am I Codependent - Lists patterns of codependency. (Pamphlet)
  • Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Workbook - Takes the reader through the Steps & Traditions with a brief explanation followed by a series of questions. For individual or group study.
  • Welcome To CoDA - Includes the CoDA Welcome and the Twelve Steps. Perfect for the newcomer. (Pamphlet)
  • Why is Conference Endorsed Literature Vital - Explains the unique value of CoDA literature for each CoDA meeting. (Pamphlet)
  • Starting a New CoDA Meeting - Summary of what is involved in starting a new CoDA meeting. (Pamphlet)
  • Using the Twelve Traditions - An Explanation of each of the Twelve Traditions and how to apply them. (Pamphlet)
  • Twelve Step Handbook - A detailed look at each of the Twelve Steps and how they apply to daily life.
  • Sponsorship Handbook - An in-depth look at various forms of sponsorship.
  • Newcomers Handbook - A Detailed description of the CoDA program.
  • Experiences With Crosstalk - Experience, strength, and hope on what crosstalk is and how some members deal with it. (Booklet)
  • Affirmation Booklet - A collection of positive affirmations for recovering codependents in pocket size.
  • Establishing Boundaries in Recovery - What are boundaries? This pamphlet explores different types of boundaries and offers guidance for establishing and maintaining them in a healthy way.
  • Making Choices - Offers guidance in recognizing how to make choices that support our recovery. Explores codependent and healthy behaviors. (Booklet)
  • Carrying the Message - Living the Twelfth Step - Practical examples of healthy service work essential to the continuation of any meeting and to CoDA as a whole. How to say "yes" to service work. (Booklet)
  • Common Threads of Codependency - Codependents talk about codependency, recovery, relapse and authenticity. (Booklet)
  • Tools of Recovery - Members share experience, strength & hope with different tools useful in their recovery. (Booklet)
  • Peeling the Onion -  Characteristics of Codependents revisited - Codependents Look at Love, Sex, & Relationship Addiction and Avoidance.  (Booklet)

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